Yes, you can make your seat selection when you make your booking. Choose an aisle or window seat, or sit in a row with friends and family. A fee may apply and seat selection is subject to availability.

Economy Starter Plus, Economy Max passengers and Business Class passengers can select any standard seat for no extra charge, subject to availability.

For a slightly higher fee you can select a seat up the front of the aircraft, which should help get you on and off the aircraft slightly faster.

Extra legroom seats are also available for a fee. These are located at the exit rows and require passengers who can assist in an emergency. Check if you are eligible to book an extra legroom seat.

Already got a booking? Go to Manage booking to purchase your seat selection.

Need more room?

You must be able to lower both armrests and not compromise any part of adjacent seats to ensure safe and comfortable seating during travel. Please contact us to purchase an extra seat, or where available, a business class seat if you need more room.

If you need to keep your leg extended throughout your flight due to injury or any other reason, please also contact us to purchase the full number of seats you need to make your journey. For safety reasons, only passengers with full mobility can sit in the exit rows.

Contacting us will allow us to allocate the seats you’ve purchased side by side so you can enjoy a comfortable flight. Seat dimensions for each aircraft type can be found in the table below.

We encourage customers to address all seating needs when booking.

Aircraft type Seat Width (inches) Seat Pitch (inches) Seat type
Airbus A320 17.88 29 Standard
Airbus A321 18 28 Standard
Boeing 787 (economy) 17 30 Standard
Boeing 787 (business) 19 38 Recliner

Terms and conditions of paid seat requests

  • Paid seat requests are non-transferable and non refundable. You can only transfer seat requests when you make a permitted name change to your booking.
  • In the event of a flight disruption or schedule change, we will attempt to seat you in your requested or equivalent seat but can’t guarantee the seat will be available on your new flight. You may also be required to move seats for operational reasons.
  • If you choose to change your flight, you will be offered an equivalent seat when you change, subject to availability. If an equivalent seat is unavailable, Jetstar will not provide a refund of the additional amount paid.
  • If you change your flight and a higher fee to change the seat applies, you must pay the difference.

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