Whenever you make a booking on jetstar.com, we’ll send you a booking confirmation email with your itinerary and tax invoice.

If you’ve lost your itinerary and tax invoice – don’t worry! You can get them re-sent to you through manage booking. You’ll need to provide your booking reference number, and either your last name or the email address you used.

Once you’re in manage booking, you can find the ‘Resend itinerary’ button under your flight details.

Alternatively, you can use your first name, last name and email address to get your itinerary re-sent to you through our virtual assistant Jess.

Can’t login to resend your itinerary? Our virtual assistant Jess can do it for you.

What is an itinerary?

Your itinerary contains useful information, such as your booking reference number, date and time of travel, and any special requests you might have made when booking.

Make sure to check that you’ve added the extras you need to each flight on your trip. You can see this under ‘Your flights’ on your itinerary or in manage booking opens in new window.

It’s useful to carry a hardcopy of your itinerary but you can still travel without one. In most cases, your booking reference number or passport/ID can be used to get your boarding pass.

You should receive your itinerary within 24hrs. If you don’t see it in your inbox, have a look at your junk or spam folder as it might have ended up there.

Your itinerary is not an e-ticket or boarding pass and can’t be used for boarding.

What if I booked through a travel agent or third-party website?

If you booked through a third party such as a travel agent, another airline or an online travel agent, please refer to the itinerary you were sent when you booked.

In some cases, itineraries may have been sent to your travel agent depending on the email used during booking. Please contact your travel agent or check the website where you made your booking to retrieve your itinerary.

Wrong email address

If you’ve waited over 24 hours and still haven’t received your itinerary, the email address you used during your booking might be incorrect.

You can check this by going to manage booking and using your booking reference number and last name to login.

Updating your email is easy. Our virtual assistant Jess can help you out, or you can do it at manage booking.

How do I get my boarding pass?

You can get your boarding pass online or at the airport. The ways of getting your boarding pass depends on your booking type and where you’re departing from. Find out more about getting your boarding pass.

Quick tips for a smooth journey

✔ Before you confirm your booking, make sure your details are correct
✔ Take a note or screenshot of your booking reference number
✔ Check your junk or spam email folder if you haven’t received your itinerary
✔ Check that you’ve added all the extras you need for each flight
✔ View or resend your itinerary through manage booking anytime