To be eligible for Remunerable Fares, you must be located in Australia, New Zealand^, Taiwan (China), or Indonesia and be a registered agent with Jetstar:

  • Jetstar remunerates you via gross fares
  • Once configured for gross fares, all bookings made via the Jetstar Agent Hub and through Jetstar's API attract remuneration
  • The below table shows the level that gross fares will be marked up which is remunerated back to the registered agent
  • GDS and Call centre bookings are not remunerable
  • Gross fares attract a fixed remuneration per passenger segment sold as per the table below
  • Remuneration is determined by the base currency the fare is sold in (e.g. an agent in Australia selling an NZ domestic fare in NZD will receive NZD $5 per passenger segment. This amount will be converted to AUD at time of payment.)
  • Remuneration amounts may change from time to time so please check back for updates
Gross fare mark-up and remuneration
Booking currency *Domestic and short haul international **International long haul
AUD 5 10
NZD 5 10
TWD 200 420
IDR*** 40,000 (from 1 Sep 2023)
(55,000 until 31 Aug 2023)
40,000 (from 1 Sep 2023)
(55,000 until 31 Aug 2023)

* Domestic and short haul international flights are flights operating on an A320 or A321.

** International – Long Haul International Flights are international flights operating on a Boeing 787.

*** Bookings made in IDR currency and paid through credit cards does not attract remuneration.

^ Gross fares for bookings made by New Zealand agents commences for bookings created on or after 15/02/2021 For more information, please see the Travel Agent Terms & Conditions 

Payment of Remuneration

Remuneration is paid by monthly in arrears, usually in the 3rd week of the month.

BSP Agents: If you have enrolled in BSP with Jetstar, remuneration will be paid by ACM.

Non BSP Agents: Jetstar will pay remuneration to via bank transfer to the nominated bank account stored in your Jetstar agency account.

For non BSP agents, a remuneration statement is dispatched to the Finance E-mail address defined under your Jetstar agency account.