How to book

Simply select your preferred destination on We’ll show you Jetstar flight options first, if available. You’ll also be able to browse Jetstar Connect flights. The booking process is similar to booking a regular Jetstar fare, but you’ll notice a few differences along the way.

Contact Jetstar Connect

If you need help with any flights on your booking, you need to contact the airline operating that flight. You can do this online or by phone. Each airline you contact will ask you for the booking reference number it issued you when you booked, found in the itinerary emailed to you by that airline.

Flight options

Jetstar Connect airlines have different offerings of flight options like bundles, bags, seats and extras. You can choose your flight options when you book. To modify the details of your booking later, or to select specific seats if you purchase a seat type while booking, you’ll need to contact each airline operating your flight(s) separately. Your confirmation email and itineraries will have all the necessary information.


When you select a Jetstar flight as part of a Jetstar Connect booking, you can choose a standard Starter fare or a Starter Plus bundle. Other airlines may offer different bundles, or none at all. The features of your bundle will apply across all the flights in your booking, including those operated by other airlines.


Baggage options vary between airlines, but any purchase of checked baggage weight allowance will apply across all the flights in your booking. For more information about baggage on Jetstar Connect see baggage.


When making a Jetstar Connect booking, you’ll be able to purchase and select your preferred seat type when you book. Then, to choose your seats, after completing your booking, log in to the online booking management system of each airline in your booking.

In the event that your seating preferences are unavailable, simply contact the relevant airlines to organize a refund of your seating purchase. If you have purchased a bundle, the seating portion of the cost of your bundle will be refunded.

Manage your Jetstar booking online Call Jetstar
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You can purchase a selection of meals, snacks and drinks when you book, provided you are not booking after an airline’s meals pre-order cut-off time (see below for more details). You can also purchase more meals and snacks after booking using the links below or on board.

On Jetstar flights, if you are booking after the meal pre-order cut-off time, you can purchase an in-flight voucher (on JQ flights, an In-Flight Meal Deal) to use on board for meals, snacks and drinks.

Manage your Jetstar extras

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Meal pre-order cut-off times

If you book your fare within an airline’s meals pre-order cut-off time, meals can be purchased on board.

Jetstar: 24 hours prior to scheduled departure (in-flight vouchers will still be available for purchase online after the cut-off times, and snacks and drinks can be purchased on board)

Tigerair Taiwan: 48 hours prior to scheduled departure


Baggage limits

Each operating airline’s baggage policy varies slightly. This applies to carry-on baggage, checked baggage and oversized baggage. The checked baggage options you purchase when you book will apply across every flight in your journey. The carry-on baggage limits vary by airline – see Carry-on baggage (below) for more information.

Find out the restrictions that apply to each airline in your booking using the links below.

Jetstar baggage policy

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Lost or damaged baggage

If your baggage is lost or damaged during a flight, contact the airline operating the previous flight as soon as you become aware of the loss or damage.

Baggage transfers

If you’re connecting between international flights, your Jetstar Connect booking includes baggage transfer. If any of your connecting flights is a domestic flight, you must check-in your baggage again. Leave enough time between flights for baggage pick-up and drop-off.

Carry-on baggage

Jetstar have a carry-on baggage limit of 2 items with a total weight of 7kg. Tigerair Taiwan has a carry-on baggage limit of 2 items with a total weight of 10kg.

Oversized baggage

If you’re planning to travel with a large baggage item, you may need to check it in as oversized baggage and pay an additional service and handling fee. Each Jetstar Connect partner airline defines oversized baggage differently. Follow the links below to the airline(s) operating your flights for everything you need to know.


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Terms & conditions

For each flight in a Jetstar Connect booking, the operating carrier’s Fare Rules and Conditions of Carriage apply. For all terms and conditions, including each airline’s Fare Rules and Conditions of Carriage, refer to the Jetstar Connect terms and conditions page.

Fare Rules

For each participating airline’s Fare Rules, refer to the Jetstar Connect terms and conditions page.


Each airline has different rules in relation to refunds. To view these rules, refer to the Fare Rules and Conditions of Carriage of the operating airline. See the Jetstar Connect terms and conditions page for each airlines’ Fare Rules and Conditions of Carriage.

Fees and charges

The fees and charges that apply to Jetstar Connect bookings are determined by the airline operating each flight. Refer to the relevant airline’s fees and charges information for full details. Payment Fees may apply to some bookings. For details on Payment Fees, please see the Payment fees information below.

Jetstar Asia fees and charges

Jetstar Japan fees and charges

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Payment options

Jetstar Connect bookings accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa (debit and credit)
  • Mastercard (debit and credit, including Jetstar credit cards issued in Australia)
  • American Express
  • JCB

Jetstar and Tigerair Taiwan vouchers can’t be used to pay for Jetstar Connect flights.

A Payment Fee may apply to a Jetstar Connect booking, depending on the airline operating each flight in the booking, the destination and the payment currency. To find out if a payment fee applies to your booking, see Payment fees, below. See fees and charges for details on all other fees and charges.

Payment fees

A Payment Fee may apply per passenger, per flight. The fee varies depending on the operating airline. For details, see below.

Jetstar Booking and Service Fee

Visit Jetstar’s fees and charges page for full details

Tigerair Taiwan fees and charges

Tigerair Taiwan doesn’t charge a separate payment fee. The price quoted on the Flight Select page includes the payment fee. On the Tigerair Taiwan itinerary, the fare price and the fee are displayed separately, but the total fare price is the same as the fare price first quoted on the Flight Select page.


There is no Payment Fee for the Jetstar sectors of bookings paid with Jetstar credit cards issued in Australia.

For Jetstar Connect flights purchased from the Singapore website, there is no Booking and Service fee for credit card payments.

Payment display on your bank statement

Your Jetstar Connect booking payment will appear on your bank statement as separate transactions for each airline in your booking. Your payments may be processed outside the country where you purchased your booking. The bank that issued your card may identify your payments as foreign transactions and charge you a fee. If you’d like to find out more, please contact your bank.


Jetstar vouchers cannot be used to pay for Jetstar Connect bookings.

Your itinerary

When you complete your booking, Jetstar Connect will send you a confirmation email. Each airline operating your booking will also email you an itinerary as a PDF attachment. Your itineraries will include all relevant details for your flights, including flight times, operating carrier, airport and terminal information for each flight, separate booking reference numbers for each operating airline, and contact details for each operating airline. If you change your booking later, updated itineraries will be sent to you.

Airports and terminals

Check your itinerary for airport and terminal information. Airports and terminal details vary according to the airline operating each flight.

Changing a Jetstar Connect booking

You can find out what changes you can make to your booking by referring to the Fare Rules of each of the airlines operating flights in your booking. See the Jetstar Connect terms and conditions page for all the relevant links.

To make changes to your Jetstar Connect booking, contact each airline operating the flight(s) you wish to change separately. You can do this online or by phone. Each airline you contact will ask you for the booking reference number it issued you when you booked, found in the itinerary emailed to you by that airline.

Checking in & flight transfers

When you’re connecting from one international flight to another, we’ll check you in on your connecting flight. However, Jetstar Connect doesn’t check you in for connecting flights if one of those flights is domestic. If you’re connecting from a domestic flight to an international flight or vice versa, make sure you leave yourself enough time to check in between flights.

Young passengers travelling alone

Jetstar Connect airlines do not accept bookings for unaccompanied travellers under 18 years of age.

For other bookings, refer to the policy of the airline(s) operating your flight(s):


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Flying when pregnant

Each airline has a different policy relating to flying safely when pregnant. Contact the airline operating a flight in your booking to find out about their policy.


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Group bookings

You can book up to 9 adult/child passengers and two infant passengers in a single Jetstar Connect booking. An infant is defined as a child under the age of two.

Loyalty programs

You can earn points on a Jetstar Connect flight if you purchase a Jetstar or Tigerair Taiwan bundle. Your loyalty program’s points will be earned for flights operated by that airline. You’ll be credited with applicable points and status credits after each flight.

  • Jetstar Connect passengers travelling on Jetstar flights can earn loyalty points by selecting the applicable loyalty program when booking their Starter Plus bundle.
  • Jetstar Connect passengers travelling on Tigerair Taiwan flights can earn Tigerclub points with fares by entering their membership and flight details here opens in new window after booking.

Loyalty program terms and conditions

Club Jetstar

Club Jetstar benefits and discounts are not available for Jetstar Connect bookings.

Delays and cancellations

If a Jetstar Connect flight is delayed or cancelled, the airline operating that flight will contact you using the contact details you provided when you booked. Please contact the operating airline if you have any questions or concerns about a delayed or cancelled flight.

Call Jetstar

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Specific assistance

If one or more passengers in your booking requires specific assistance, you must separately contact each airline in your booking to request specific assistance and to confirm if your specific assistance requirements can be accommodated on your preferred flight(s) as soon as possible after making your booking using this website.

If you do not contact each airline separately to request specific assistance in advance of travel, you may not receive any specific assistance or you may not be able to travel on one or more of your booked flights.

Jetstar operated flights: On request, Jetstar may be able to provide (limited) specific assistance to customers requiring it. Learn more about the specific assistance Jetstar provides to its customers.

Jetstar has limits on the number of customers requiring wheelchair assistance that it can carry on certain flights and has limits on the number of electric wheelchairs that can be carried on certain flights. Jetstar requires all customers to meet its Independent Traveller Requirements. If a customer does not meet those requirements, the customer must travel with an accompanying passenger or carer who can assist them. You must contact us as soon as possible after making your booking and in advance of travel to request specific assistance from Jetstar and to confirm if Jetstar can accommodate your specific needs on your selected Jetstar flight(s). If Jetstar cannot accommodate your specific needs on a particular flight, you may need to change to another flight where assistance is available or otherwise discuss your options with Jetstar.

Other carriers: Jetstar does not guarantee that any other airline will be able to provide the specific assistance you request or require. Jetstar does not pass on information about your specific needs to any other airline in your booking.

Each airline, including each airline in the Jetstar Group (including Jetstar Airways (JQ) of Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar Asia Airways (3K) of Singapore and Jetstar Japan (GK) of Japan), has different arrangements for the provision of specific assistance to its customers. Some airlines may not provide any specific assistance at all and some may offer limited specific assistance that do not accommodate your particular specific needs on your preferred flight or at all.

If you have any questions about the specific assistance offered by a particular airline, you should contact that airline directly before you make a booking using this website. You may prefer to make that booking directly with each airline using their website or other bookings methods (such as telephone).

Price Beat Guarantee

Jetstar’s Price Beat Guarantee does not apply to Jetstar Connect bookings.

Feedback and complaints

To give feedback, compliments and complaints about any Jetstar Connect booking, contact the relevant operating airline.

Jetstar complaints & compliments

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