Your health and safety is our highest priority. Our Fly Well program is a series of wellbeing measures designed to improve safety and help you feel comfortable about flying again.

Thank you for respecting each other and our team, and helping us create a safe and positive environment for everyone.


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Keeping you safe every step of your journey

Before you fly

Flying well starts before you even get to the airport. With all the key information at your fingertips from the get-go, you'll be better prepared for an enjoyable, hassle-free trip.

Travel checklist. Detailing everything you need to do before you fly -- from checking travel restrictions and completing entry documents, to choosing seating and pre-booking food or drinks -- our handy checklist makes preparing for your trip easy.

International travellers: Plan ahead! Now more than ever, there’s a lot to get organised before you’re ready to fly. For an overview of travel requirements, check our International travel page. Also, check that your passport is still valid, well before you depart. If it’s expired or has less than six months validity remaining, you’ll need to renew it.

Pre-departure emails. Sent in the lead up to your departure, these will explain what you can expect during your trip with us. If you have international trip, you’ll also get reminders to check governments requirements and be on track with documents and pre-departure COVID-19 testing (if required).

If you’re on a domestic flight you can check in online and use a mobile boarding pass. For international flights, you’ll need to check in at the airport – make sure you’ve got all your required documents ready to go.

COVID-19 Help Hub. We’ve created a 'one-stop information shop' answering all your questions about travelling with us in these changing times.

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At the airport

Your experience at the airport will be a little different to what you’re used to, due to changes we’ve made to safeguard your health all the way to the departure gate. We try to make sure the Fly Well measures are in use at all destinations on the Jetstar network, but at smaller airports, some may not be possible.

Contactless check-in and bag drop for domestic flights: After you check in via our website or app, you can just print your bag tag at any kiosk and head to our bag drop with your checked baggage.

Travelling on an international flight? You’ll need to check in and drop your bags at the airport.

Contactless payments. To reduce contact and help you get on your way quicker, we have gone cashless at all Australian and New Zealand airports. We accept card and contactless payments (all of which are fee-free).

Hand sanitising stations. You’ll find these throughout the terminal for your peace of mind.

Social distancing is in place all through the airport, from check in to boarding.

Enhanced cleaning. High traffic areas throughout the terminal are being cleaned
thoroughly and frequently.

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At the boarding gate

Fly Well has got you covered at the boarding gate too, with new measures to make boarding as smooth and safe as possible.

Social distancing. Whether you’re in the waiting area or in the boarding queue, we’re encouraging social distancing to minimise crowding.

Hand sanitising stations. We’ve installed hand sanitising stations at our boarding gates
where feasible.

Fly Well packs.  Please take complimentary sanitising wipes for your flight.

Self-scanning of boarding passes. To further reduce shared contact, we ask that you scan your own boarding pass. For best results, please ensure your screen brightness is set to high.

Enhanced cleaning.  Like elsewhere in the terminal, we’ve boosted our cleaning protocols at the departure gate.

Face masks. Face masks may be required at the boarding gate and on board.

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On the plane

Sit back, relax and rest assured: not only is the risk of in-flight transmission very low, but our suite of onboard wellbeing measures are designed to further protect your health while flying.

Face Masks. Face masks must be worn on most flights.

Seating. While you’ll most likely be seated next to someone, the seating configuration on board our aircraft provides a natural barrier, as passengers do not face each other. We also ask that you keep your movement around the cabin to a minimum.

Cabin air. Hospital-grade HEPA air filters are fitted on all Jetstar aircraft, which remove 99.9% of all particles including viruses. Cabin air is also refreshed every few minutes, ensuring the highest possible quality.

Enhanced cleaning. We’ve adopted even higher standards of cleaning on board, with a disinfectant effective against coronaviruses and a focus on frequently touched surfaces. Our team members are trained in the latest hygiene protocols.

In-flight catering All your favourite hot meals and snacks are back! With our modified card-handling procedures, you can buy on board with confidence. (Or pre-order to ensure you get the meal of your choice).

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How you can stay healthy when travelling

Here are a few simple actions you can take to stay healthy while travelling.

Wear a mask on board

Wash your hands regularly

Use hand sanitiser

Cover your sneeze or cough with your arm

Face masks: what you need to know

You must wear a face mask whenever it's a government requirement for your destination, so please bring your own mask.

  • Your face mask needs to cover your mouth and nose and fit securely.
  • Masks are not required if you're under 12 years of age or have a medical exemption.

Domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand

You must wear a face mask at the boarding gate and on all Jetstar domestic flights.

Your mask can be removed during eating and drinking, but please make sure it’s on when crew are in your area.

International flights to and from Australia

You're required to wear a mask on all international flights to Australia.

You must also wear a face mask at the boarding gate and on all Jetstar international flights where it’s a government requirement for your destination.

For Jetstar flights to and from Singapore, masks are mandatory onboard unless you’re under 6 years old.

Have you tested positive for COVID-19?

You should defer your travel plans if you have tested positive for COVID-19, or if you’ve been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the week leading up to your flight.

Please contact us via Live Chat to discuss your options.

All our agents are currently busy or unavailable. Our English contact centre is open 7 days a week from 6am – 10pm (AEST).Please try again.

If your flights were booked through a travel agency or third-party website, please contact them directly.

More information

COVID-19 Help Hub
Travel alerts page

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