Purchasing an extra seat is an option available to passengers flying with Jetstar.

When to purchase an extra seat

There are certain times when you may need to purchase an extra seat. We recommend purchasing an extra seat if you need:

  • more room for personal comfort. Note. To ensure safe and comfortable seating during travel, you must be able to lower both armrests and not come into contact with the person next to you;
  • to keep your leg(s) extended throughout your flight due to injury or any other reason; or
  • to bring a larger musical instrument. See Can I bring my musical instrument?

How to purchase an extra seat

To purchase an extra seat, you must Contact us to make the booking. It will allow us to allocate the seats you’ve purchased side by side so you can enjoy a comfortable flight.

Note. If you need more room, you can also book a business class seat where available.


No carry-on baggage allowance is applicable for any additional seats purchased as it’s calculated per person, not per seat. If you book 2 seats, you are only entitled to 7kg of carry-on baggage and you can purchase up to 40kg of checked baggage. For more information, see Baggage allowance.

Seat belt extenders

A seatbelt must be worn during take-off and landing, and at any time the "fasten seatbelt” sign is on.

Seat belt lengths vary depending on the aircraft; however, we do have a limited number of seat belt extenders available in each flight. Note. Only seatbelt extenders provided by Jetstar are approved for use on our aircraft.

The stretch limit of the extender seat belts will vary, but the shortest stretch is 50cm.

You can ask our friendly cabin crew team for a seat belt extender when boarding the aircraft or while at your seat. Seatbelt extenders cannot be safely used in the emergency exit row. You will be reseated if you select an emergency exit row seat and require a seatbelt extender.

Aircraft seat dimensions

Seat dimensions for each aircraft type can be found in the table below:

Aircraft type Seat width Seat pitch Seat type
Airbus A320 45.4cm / 17.88in 73.7cm / 29in Standard
Airbus A321 45.7cm / 18in 71.1cm / 28in Standard
Airbus A321neo (LR) 45.7cm / 18in 73.7cm / 29in Standard
Boeing 787 (economy) 43.2cm / 17in 76.2cm / 30in Standard
Boeing 787 (business) 48.3cm / 19in 96.5cm / 38in Recliner

Note. You can find the aircraft type you’re flying on when you book, on the Select flights page – just open the details link in the flight listing. The aircraft type is also listed on your itinerary.

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