If you’re travelling on selected Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK) international flights within Asia with no checked baggage and no visa or other entry requirements you may be able to check in online and go straight to the boarding gate when you arrive at the airport.

Please note that Straight to Gate is not available if:

  • You’re travelling with an infant
  • You made your booking through Jetstar Group bookings.
  • You need assistance (eg, wheelchairs, extra seats, visual or hearing impairments, service dogs, young passengers travelling alone)
  • Your booking has an outstanding balance

If the above applies to your booking, you’ll need to check in at the airport.

Straight to Gate passengers (3K flights only) may also be able to use a mobile boarding pass. Extra restrictions apply when using a mobile boarding pass for Straight to Gate and the list of available flights is limited. Make sure you check the mobile boarding pass page for all of the requirements.

Passengers with visa / other entry requirements and carry-on baggage only

Check in online, then proceed to the Jetstar desk in the check-in hall for a quick document and visa verification check. Please note that the document check must be completed by the flight check-in deadline.

Passengers travelling with checked baggage

Check in online, then go to the Jetstar bag drop in the check-in hall to drop your baggage.

Straight to Gate is available on the following Jetstar Asia flights with a 3K flight code:

From Singapore:

  • Singapore - Bangkok
  • Singapore - Clark*
  • Singapore - Da Nang
  • Singapore - Denpasar
  • Singapore - Guiyang
  • Singapore - Haikou
  • Singapore - Ho Chi Minh City
  • Singapore - Hong Kong
  • Singapore - Jakarta
  • Singapore - Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore - Manila*
  • Singapore - Medan
  • Singapore - Okinawa (Naha)
  • Singapore - Penang
  • Singapore - Phnom Penh
  • Singapore - Phuket
  • Singapore - Sanya
  • Singapore - Shantou
  • Singapore - Siem Reap
  • Singapore - Surabaya
  • Singapore - Taipei*
  • Singapore - Xuzhou
  • Singapore - Yangon

*Straight to gate is not eligible for flights connecting from Manila, Clark, and Taipei to Osaka.

To Singapore:

  • Bangkok - Singapore
  • Denpasar - Singapore
  • Hong Kong - Singapore
  • Jakarta - Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur - Singapore
  • Medan - Singapore
  • Penang - Singapore
  • Phuket - Singapore
  • Phnom Penh - Singapore
  • Siem Reap - Singapore
  • Surabaya - Singapore

Straight to Gate is available on the following Jetstar Japan (GK) flights:

  • Tokyo (Narita) - Hong Kong
  • Tokyo (Narita) - Shanghai (Pudong)
  • Tokyo (Narita) - Taipei
  • Tokyo (Narita) - Manila
  • Osaka - Hong Kong
  • Osaka - Taipei
  • Osaka - Manila
  • Nagoya (Chubu) - Taipei
  • Nagoya (Chubu) - Manila
  • Hong Kong - Tokyo (Narita)
  • Hong Kong - Osaka
  • Shanghai (Pudong) - Tokyo (Narita)

Remember, even if you have checked in online you must still be at the boarding gate on time. If you don't get to the boarding gate when it closes, you won’t be able to board your flight and you may lose your fare in full. Please see: When do I need to get to the airport for international flights?