5 things to do before you go on a holiday with your elderly family members

Holidaying with your folks? Don’t forget to do these first before you book your flight.

  • Angeline Tse
  • November 2019

Going on vacation with elderly parents is a fabulous way to spend quality time together, and these tips will help you enjoy yourselves even more.

1. Pack your pillboxes

Make sure your elderly travelling companions have the medicine they need for the entire trip. “Medication should always be packed in a carry-on bag on board the flight,” says Jeremiah Wong, senior marketing communications manager at Chan Brothers Travel. “Also, bring the prescriptions along so you can get emergency supplies if needed.”

2. Stay nice and toasty

Poor blood circulation can leave older folks with cold hands and feet, so make sure they have insulating jackets and footwear. “Always pack warm clothing in case the weather turns erratic,” he says.

3. All about easy access

“Senior travellers should make it a point to request for accessibility assistance and mobility aids from airlines and hotels in advance,” says Wong. He also recommends asking hotels to place your travelling party in rooms as close to the ground level as possible, in case the lifts malfunction.

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5. Do your food prep

Take their dietary requirements into consideration and request the appropriate meals when you book the flights. And if they’re fussy eaters, look for restaurants that provide a wide range of dishes, so there’s something for everyone.

6. Buy travel insurance

Anything can happen when you’re abroad and you want to make sure the most vulnerable members of your group are insured. It might be a slightly costly one-time payment, but it’s worth it if you want to avoid a large hospital bill.