The best cocktails in Singapore for people who don’t drink

There’s a mocktail revolution in Singapore, and the new breed of alcohol-free drinks are giving the best cocktails a run for their money.

  • Jetstar Asia
  • March 2019

Once upon a time, ordering a mocktail at a bar was a request to be punished with syrupy concoctions, overpriced juices or the token virgin mojito. But as people become more health-conscious and attitudes to boozing evolve (you know times have changed when sober dance rave parties have become a thing), bars have had to recognise the growing customer base that wants to go out to a bar on a Friday night with friends without having to imbibe alcohol.

Skai Bar Singapore is on the 70th floor of Swissotel, The Stamford, offering panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline.

Some of the top bars in Singapore have embraced this trend as mixologists take on the challenge of producing mocktails as sophisticated as their alcoholic counterparts. “Bartending is not just about getting guests intoxicated — we want to make sure that even if you’re not drinking alcohol, we’re still giving you a drink that reflects our skill and artistry. That’s why more bars are applying culinary techniques such as sous vide, and flavour extractions to build cordials and syrups that will give you the same body and complexity you’d find in a cocktail,” Rusty Cerven, beverage manager at Skai Bar Singapore opens in new window, explains.

Here are three delicious mocktails to try in Singapore.

Bright and refreshing, with floral and botanical hints, we can see why this is their most popular temperance cocktail.

The Summer in Paris, Atlas

People swear by the cocktails at Atlas opens in new window, so we expect nothing less of their mocktails. The Summer in Paris is made with non-alcoholic chardonnay, house-made lemon berry tea syrup, and a float of soda water.

Juice fanatics will love this concoction, which contains only three ingredients: dill, pear, and lime.

Dill & Pear, Caffe Fernet

At Caffe Fernet opens in new window, a whole pear is squeezed, skin, flesh, and all, providing the drink with its luminous green colour. Dill enhances the fruity notes, while lime and verjus adds the perfect amount of acidity. Makes you wonder why anyone picks the poison on the other side of the menu.

The “split” in the name of this mocktail refers solely to the technique of making the ricotta.

The Banana Split Soda, Operation Dagger

At Operation Dagger opens in new window, a naturally carbonated soda is made by fermenting ricotta whey with coconut blossom honey and fresh banana. Served over ice in a highball glass and garnished with sawtooth coriander, this is proof that mocktails have hit the big time.

This is the closest you’ll get to chewing gum, which was banned in Singapore in 1992.

Chewing Gum Mule, Origin Bar

Made with longan, raspberry, mint, lemon and ginger, this drink opens in new window showcases fresh and refreshing flavours.