Refunds/voucher on fare and Jetstar add-ons

  • Jetstar Voucher available for cancellations before Change Deadline (see Jetstar Voucher section below)
  • A Jetstar Voucher is not available if you have changed to a Starter fare with a Flex bundle after making your original booking, or if you request a voucher after the Change Deadline.
  • Add-ons (excluding hotels, activities, insurance and car hire) can only be refunded in the form of a Jetstar Voucher when requested as part of a cancellation of the applicable flight. For Jetstar Holidays, hotels, activities and car hire bookings, see Holiday Terms and Conditions.
  • For cancellation of Points Plus Pay - Flights bookings made under Flex fare rules, the value of the booking including any Add-ons will be credited to a Jetstar Voucher.

Miss check-in deadline or fail to board within the required time

  • Non-refundable/loss of fare. Check your itinerary for strict check-in and boarding times.

Time/Date change

  • For changes made on the day of your scheduled flight departure and up to the Change Deadline, free to move to another available flight departing on the same day.
  • Before day of your scheduled flight, permitted upon payment of the applicable Fare Difference within Change Deadline.

Origin/Destination changes

  • Not permitted.
  • An origin/destination change is when the place of departure or arrival of a booking is changed. This includes changing the date of an outbound flight so it would depart after the date of a return inbound flight

Passenger Name changes

  • Permitted upon payment of the applicable Fare Difference within the Change Deadline.
  • Name changes can be made for an individual passenger on a booking, but must apply to all flights for that passenger.

Change Deadline and Point of contact

  • For changes made on the same day of your scheduled flight departure, changes can be made:
    • at, Jetstar App or the Call Centre before the original scheduled flight opens for check-in at the airport.
    • at the Jetstar counter at the airport before the original scheduled flight closes for check-in at the airport.
  • All other permitted changes must be made before the original scheduled flight opens for check-in at the airport.
  • Airport check in opening times are available on your Jetstar itinerary or see: When do I need to get to the airport?
  • Time and Date changes can be made via if original booking was made via or Jetstar Call Centre. All changes can be made via Jetstar Call Centre or Jetstar counter at the airport and additional service fees apply if your booking was not originally made via the Jetstar Call Centre. Same day flight time changes do not incur an additional fee via the call centre or airport counter.
  • Fees are subject to change and are applied at the rate current at time of change. For current fees see Fees and charges.
  • Vouchers must be requested through, the Jetstar App or the Jetstar Call Centre before check-in opens at the airport.

Jetstar Voucher

  • Vouchers are available per passenger, per flight provided the customer cancels the affected flight before the Change Deadline.
  • Vouchers will be sent by email within 24 hours.
  • The voucher can only be used for new a booking that includes the original travelling passenger. The voucher is available for use in a single transaction up to the voucher value.
  • See full Voucher Terms & Conditions

Change Fees and Fare Difference

  • Change Fees do not apply for permitted changes to a Starter fare with Flex bundle.
  • Fare Difference applies per passenger, per flight. Your new fare will be at least the amount of the fare you originally booked and may be more. You cannot change to a lower fare. No refund will be applicable if a lower fare is available.
  • Fare Difference is the difference (if any) between the fare or fare with bundle originally booked and an available fare or fare with bundle on the date of change which is at least the same fare or, if not available, the next available higher fare. The Fare Difference may be substantial.

Permitted fare/bundle changes

  • Subject to payment of Fare Difference applicable at time of change, Starter fare with Flex bundles can be changed to an available Starter fare with a Flex bundle via or the Jetstar App. Starter fares with Flex bundles can be changed to a Starter fare with Plus bundle, Starter fare with Max bundle, Business fare or Business fare with Max bundle via the Jetstar call centre and at the airport.
  • Starter fares with Flex bundle cannot be downgraded to a Starter fare.


  • You must rebook onto an available Jetstar flight. Jetstar does not hold open-dated bookings.


  • All amounts will be charged in the currency you made your original booking.

Earning Qantas Points and Status Credits, JAL Mileage Bank Miles and Emirates Skywards Miles

  • Qantas Points and Status Credits are not earned on Economy Starter fares with Flex bundles- except for travel within New Zealand only. These bookings will earn Qantas Points at the Discount Economy rate. Status Credits cannot be earned on Starter fares. If you are travelling on a domestic flight within New Zealand that connects to an international Jetstar flight, then you must purchase an Economy Starter Plus, Economy Starter Max or Business Max bundle with Jetstar in order to earn Qantas Points and Status Credits.
  • Starter fares are not eligible to earn JAL Mileage Bank Miles or Emirates Skywards Miles

Qantas Frequent Flyer Classic Upgrade Rewards

  • Starter Fare with Flex bundle is not eligible for Classic Upgrade Rewards.

Starter Fare with Flex bundle is available on selected routes operated by Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Asia Airways (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK).

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