5 of the best places in Asia for stargazing

Trade the big city bright lights for a travel experience that takes nightlife to the next level and transports you to galaxies far, far away.

Mt Bromo
  • Syafii Ghazali
  • January 2020

From Thailand to Taiwan, we’ve found the best spots in Southeast Asia to stargaze.

1. Ishigaki Island, Okinawa

Ishigaki Island
Of all the Japanese islands, Ishigaki Island lies the closest to the equator.

On a clear night, you can see 84 of the 88 modern constellations including one of the most distinctive ones in the Southern hemisphere, the Southern Cross.

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2. Koh Kood, Thailand

Soneva Kiri Resort
Watch a movie outdoors under a blanket of stars at luxury resort Soneva Kiri.

It might be five hours from Bangkok but its remote location and prime latitudinal position make this idyllic island a favourite among astro-geeks. Soak in the atmosphere at the eco-friendly Soneva Kiri resort opens in new window — it has its own observatory and an outdoor cinema.

3. Mt Hehuan, Taiwan

Mt Hehuan
Mt Hehuan is equally stunning in the day.

A four-hour drive from Taipei, the 3,422m-tall Mt Hehuan was named an International Dark Sky Park last year, a coveted title awarded to only the best stargazing sites in the world.

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4. Mt Bromo, Surabaya

Mt Bromo
Taking photos of stars can be tricky — consider signing up for an astrophotography tour when you are visiting Mt Bromo to get expert tips on how to nail the shot.

The sunrise from Mt Bromo is a truly awe-inspiring sight. But the views from East Java’s most iconic volcano are just as spectacular when night falls, as the clouds give way to a clear, glittering sky.

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5. Bagan, Myanmar

Witness a completely different side to one of the world’s greatest archeological sites in the world at night.

Home to the largest concentration of Buddhist structures in the world, the ancient kingdom also has the lowest level of light pollution in the country so stars shine brightly.

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