20 travel accessories too cool to resist

These aren’t exactly travel essentials but they sure are nifty. Trust us, you won’t be going on holiday without them when you find out what they do.

20 travel gadgets too cool to resist
  • Angeline Tse
  • November 2018

Scrubba Wash Bag SGD $75

Weighing in at only 142g, the Scrubba is touted as the world’s smallest washing machine, though it functions more as a portable washing board since manual effort is required on your part. Simply add your dirty laundry, water and detergent into the bag, close and rub for up to three minutes, then rinse and hang. Voila, clean clothes!

Scrubba Wash Bag
Perfect for: Those who never pack more than three pairs of underwear.

S’well x Liberty London Fabrics bottle SGD $58

If you’re a fan of the dainty floral prints that Liberty is known and loved for, you might like these recently launched bottles, which come in a selection of archival wallpaper prints that feature traditional Japanese motifs.

S’well X Liberty London Fabrics Bottle
Perfect for: Folks who need an incentive for drinking more water.

The Champagne Cocktail Kit SGD $33

Want to celebrate the minute you touch down but beer won’t cut it? Now you can be your very own mixologist with The Champagne Cocktail kit, which contains everything you need — including small-batch elderflower syrup — to make two cocktails. Just add champagne and you’re ready to roll.

The Champagne Cocktail Kit
Perfect for: Craft-everything junkies with trust issues.

Tile Mate SGD $28

Want to track your suitcase on the carousel? Or maybe you have a bad history of losing things on your travels? This tiny Bluetooth tracker attaches to almost anything and you can call it if it’s nearby. Beyond a range of about 30 metres, you can check its last known location on the app.

Tile Mate
Perfect for: Travellers with a knack for misplacing things.

Speakeasy Travel Scarf SGD $89

Here’s a less uncool way of hiding your valuables than using a money belt. These scarves have a double-stitched pocket large enough to stash your passport and mobile phone, among other things. The Rue Cremieux model pictured here is made of soft, antibacterial bamboo, which keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Speakeasy Travel Scarf
Perfect for: Hipsters who want to hide things, like their hand-stitched passport covers.

Yuni Shower Sheets SGD $20

A long flight or a strenuous outdoor hike can leave you feeling less than fresh. Cleanse on the go with these oversized biodegradable sheets, which are perfect for all skin types and do not contain any nasty parabens, sulphates or phthalates. Each box contains 12 sheets – but it’s no excuse to skip 12 showers in a row.

Yuni Shower Sheets
Perfect for: Anyone who values personal hygiene, which in an ideal world means everyone.

Matador NanoDry Shower Towel Large SGD $52

This ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, antimicrobial towel comes in a silicone carrying case that fits in the palm of your hand (if you have a big hand). It’s nice to have at hand for a spontaneous swim, or for an impromptu nap in the middle of the park. Comes with a nifty carabiner.

Matador NanoDry Shower Towel Large
Perfect for: Those who like to fly by the seat of their pants.

The Power Packer SGD $59

The Power Packer functions like a packing cube for all your tech accessories. There are three compartments: one for larger adaptors, one with slots for smaller items like USB sticks and loose items, and a last one for various cables and a power bank or mouse.

Perfect for: Disorganized folks who should start keeping all their tech gear in one place.

Victorinox Forester Wood Walnut 111mm SGD $93

This beautifully crafted Swiss army knife has 10 fully integrated functions including a screwdriver, a large locking blade, and a wood saw. Because those other Swiss army knives that cut paper and file your nails are so basic.

Victorinox Forester Wood Walnut 111mm
Perfect for: Those who like to commune with nature, and we don’t mean full moon parties.

Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet SGD $110

Bed bugs can be a real health and safety risk, especially in places like sleeper cabins, dodgy hotels, and tourist lodges. This Brave Era travel sheet is hypoallergenic and is critter resistant after you treat it with insect repellent. Made of 100% silk, it adds a touch of luxury wherever you lay your head.

Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet
Perfect for: Princess and the pea types who can’t sleep till everything’s just right.

Beeswax Wrap From SGD $5.90

A great alternative to cling film, these beeswax wraps are self-adhesive, waterproof and antibacterial. They can be moulded into any shape and are handy for packing things like soap bars, sandwiches or dirty cutlery. Small and medium are the most versatile sizes for travel; each wrap can be used for up to 12 months.

Beeswax wrap
Perfect for: Environmentally conscious people waging war against plastic.

Anothersole Scarlett White Leather Shoes From SGD $96

These shoes have been designed to take travellers from running through airports to traversing cobblestoned paths. They boast ergonomic footbeds, which absorb impact, are lightweight at only 280g per pair, and pack flat for convenience.

Anothersole Scarlett White Leather Shoes
Perfect for: City slickers who want to rack up 10,000 steps a day in style.

Alife Bangle Language SGD $13

This nifty bracelet eliminates the need for locals to speak English, or for you to do a crash course in the language of your destination country. Whether you’re looking for the bathroom or the lockers in a train station, all you need to do is stop a passerby and point at the corresponding icon on your wrist.

Alife Bangle Language
Perfect for: People who are no good at languages. Or charades.

DJI Mavic Air SGD $1283

The Mavic Air is DJI’s most portable drone. When folded up, it’s as tall and wide as your average smartphone. This one takes panoramic wraparound images, videos, slo-mo videos, selfies — you name it, it probably does it. Everything can be uploaded to social media on the fly, naturally. Why else would you bother hiking on a glacier?

DJI Mavic Air
Perfect for: Keen photographers who need to prove that they’ve been there and done that.

Knirps Travel Umbrella with UV Protection SGD $79

Being caught in an unexpected rainstorm can really put a dampener on your travels. Don’t let wet weather curtail your fun by carrying a lightweight brolly in your bag. You’ll barely notice the weight of this compact umbrella, which is made of quick-drying fabric and even offers UV protection in extra-hot climes.

Knirps Travel Umbrella with UV Protection
Perfect for: The same people who don’t leave home without sewing kits and Band-Aids.

Vago Pump SGD $89

Trying to squeeze a weeks’ worth of bulky winterwear into a small suitcase can be a real challenge, so if doing laundry on the go is out of the question, consider investing in a vacuum pump. The Vago helps you save space, and is conveniently charged via USB. Comes with a medium-sized vacuum bag.

Vago Pump
Perfect for: People who like to travel only with carry-on bags.

QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs SGD $287

Drown out the din of the aircraft by slipping on a pair of these Finnish-made wireless earplugs. They work by sampling the noise level inside your ear canal, and producing anti-noise to cancel it out. A single charge can last 50 hours. Each set includes two pairs of standard silicone eartips and one pair of memory foam eartips.

QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs
Perfect for: Anyone who needs a bit of help finding zen.

Pacsafe Vibe 25 backpack SGD $173

With this anti-theft backpack, you’ll never have to live in fear that someone behind you is going to slit the base of your bag. It’s designed to work like a lightweight lockable stainless steel cage so you’re safe from cut-and-run theft. It also uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) blocking material to protect against RFID scanning of personal details like credit cards.

Pacsafe Vibe 25 backpack
Perfect for: People who pride themselves on being practical.

goTenna Mesh SGD $299

Stay connected to your fellow travellers while you’re out and about as a group with this sleek Bluetooth device. Simply download the goTenna app, pair it to your phone and you’ll be able to message each other without cellular service or Wi-Fi at ranges of around 800 metres in dense locations and 6.4 kilometres in open areas. You can also download free offline maps, share GPS locations and call for help. Sold as a set of two.

goTenna Mesh
Perfect for: Adventurous types who like to go off the grid.

Ostrich Pillow Mini SGD $49

The ubiquitous squid-shaped Ostrich pillow has a less attention-seeking cousin: the Mini. Tabletop napping on board a cramped flight or train ride just got a whole lot more comfy and whole lot less embarrassing. Unless you snore, that is.

Ostrich Pillow Mini
Perfect for: The lucky ones who have no problems falling asleep on public transport.