The Baggage services help team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Your baggage is important to you, so we do our best to get it back to you on time and in the condition we received it.

If you arrive at your destination but your checked baggage has been damaged or delayed, please report this to the Jetstar Baggage Services desk or service desk before leaving the airport, or contact us within the time limits below.

Time limits for reporting and making a claim for damaged, delayed or lost baggage

If you want to make a claim for lost, delayed or damaged baggage, you need to report any mishandling within the time limits imposed by the international conventions or local laws that govern airline liability. The current time limits are:

Australia, New Zealand and Japan domestic flights

  • 3 days for damaged checked baggage
  • 21 days for delayed or lost checked baggage
  • 3 days for carry-on baggage

All international flights

  • 7 days for damaged checked baggage
  • 21 days for delayed or lost checked baggage

Tracing delayed baggage

Once you've received your delayed baggage reference number, you can check the status of your delayed bag or update your details online. If you supplied your phone number and/email at the airport, we'll phone or email you when we have an update on your baggage's location.

Lost baggage claims

If you need to make a claim for loss or reimbursement of the cost of essential items, such as toiletries, click on the Contact us button below. Please provide all relevant details, including details of your booking, flights, contents of your baggage and receipts detailing your loss. Claims can’t be assessed without all these details.

Jetstar's liability for lost baggage and delayed baggage expenses is limited by international convention and local laws. Please see the Jetstar Conditions of Carriage for details.

Damaged baggage claim

If you need to make a claim for damaged baggage, click on the Contact Us button below.

For a proper assessment of your claim, you’ll need to provide photographs of the damaged item and where necessary, a formal quote for repairs from an authorised luggage repairer. Baggage tags should not be removed as they are required for a damaged bag claim. After assessing your claim, we will choose to pay for the replacement or repair of the damaged item at our discretion, based on the information you provide and in line with the relevant liability limits on compensation. Please see the Jetstar Conditions of Carriage for details.

Please note that we are not liable for damage that occurs due to an inherent defect, quality or vice of the baggage or due to wear and tear. This may include:

  • cuts, scratches and dents;
  • damage to retractable or fixed luggage handles;
  • external items missing from bag, e.g. wheels, feet, locks, zipper and zipper tabs, straps or name tags;
  • damage as a result of over-packing;
  • items unsuitably packed for transportation (this includes oversized items such as sporting equipment and musical instruments)

except to the extent required by law.

There are certain items that must not be included in checked baggage, such as fragile, valuable or perishable items. If you carry items in breach of the Jetstar Conditions of Carriage, Jetstar will use all available defences against any claim in respect of any damage, loss or destruction of those items.

Lost property

While we can't take responsibility for any items you may have left on board one of our aircraft or within the airport terminal, you can ask our Baggage Services team if your items have been handed in.