What’s my carry-on baggage allowance?

Your carry-on allowance depends on the type of fare you have purchased. If you have a Starter fare, your carry-on allowance is 2 items with a combined weight of 7kg.

Maximum 2 items

1 main item + 1 small item = combined weight 7kg

Main item

Must fit in the overhead locker and not exceed 56cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 23cm (D).

Small item

Includes items such as a handbag or thin laptop bag; must fit under seat.

Before you start packing, learn more about what you can bring on board.

Need more weight?

Sometimes 7kg just isn’t enough. You can purchase checked baggage, up to 40kg, when you make your booking, or even after you’ve booked (it costs more to add it later).

Things to know

Jetstar cabin crew member at boarding checking a child passenger’s carry-on baggage is within allowance limits.

Avoid fees at the airport

Our weight and item limits adhere to safety requirements and the limited capacity of our cabins. Carry-on allowances also help streamline the boarding process so you can get to your destination sooner.

We monitor baggage at the airport and excess baggage fees apply if you exceed your allowance. Your baggage may also need to be transferred to the hold and checked in.

Man’s hand holding mobile phone and charger. Lithium batteries must be carried on board Jetstar flights.

Restricted items

Spare lithium batteries must be packed as carry-on baggage. Read all about baggage restrictions at Dangerous goods page, Prohibited items and, if flying from an international terminal, Liquids, aerosol and gel limits.