Pilot FAQs

What is the recruitment process for a Jetstar Airways Pilot position?

The selection process is competency based and involves a number of different stages including an interview and simulator assessment conducted in Melbourne.

It is important to keep your Jetstar application on the website current to ensure we have the most up to date information available.

Can I re-apply with Jetstar if I have been unsuccessful?

Yes! Unsuccessful applicants can re-apply after a period of 12 twelve months from being told they are unsuccessful.

If you have been successful through the Pilot recruitment process and have been placed on the active hold file, your application will expire after a period of twelve months. Although we anticipate you having a position in this timeframe, as the industry changes we can not guarantee a position in the twelve months.

Where are the Jetstar Pilot bases?


  • Cairns
  • Darwin
  • Melbourne - Avalon
  • Melbourne – Tullamarine
  • Newcastle
  • Perth
  • South-East Queensland (this base requires Pilots to sign-on at both Brisbane and Gold Coast airports)
  • Sydney


  • Cairns
  • Melbourne – Tullamarine
  • South-East Queensland (this base requires Pilots to sign-on at both Brisbane and Gold Coast airports)
  • Sydney

What are the minimum requirements to join Jetstar?

  • Hold an Australian ATPL;
  • Have passes in all Australian ATPL subjects or equivalent;
  • Hold an Australian Class 1 Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating;
  • Current Class 1 Medical Certificate;
  • ICAO Level 6 English Language Proficiency;
  • Hold relevant Australian Permanent Residency status;
  • Minimum 1500 hours total aeronautical experience of which only 500 hours may be helicopter time;
  • 500 hours Pilot in Command or First Officer on Multi Engine Aircraft; and
  • 250 hours Pilot in Command of fixed-wing aircraft of which 150 may be ICUS

Please Note: Glass cockpit and multi-crew experience preferred.

Would Jetstar cover the cost of the Endorsement or Refresher Courses?

Where training is required to gain an endorsement prior to being employed, the cost of gaining the endorsement (Airbus or Boeing) is borne by the applicant. Applicants will be offered the opportunity to enter into an Endorsement Agreement which will allow them to repay the cost incurred through a salary sacrifice arrangement over a period of 33 months. This is only offered through our preferred training supplier Alteon who are based out of Brisbane and Melbourne.

Can I Salary Sacrifice anything else through Jetstar?

Yes. You have the option of salary sacrificing the following

Novated lease 
If you have an existing novated lease or are interested in entering into one, Jetstar can offer this through a salary sacrifice arrangement. In the novated lease arrangement there are three parties involved, Jetstar, sgfleet and yourself. To find out more visit www.sgfleet.com

You can salary sacrifice your pay toward superannuation in line with the Australian Taxation Office rules and regulations. To find out more visit www.ato.gov.au

Command Potential

Jetstar is a seniority-based airline. Upon commencement of employment, Pilots will be added to the bottom of the seniority list according to the day they commence. 
Our anticipated growth suggests that most pilots joining now as First officers could expect to be offered a command opportunity within a 6-8 year timeframe.

What is a Seniority Based Airline?

A seniority based airline means that your length of service with Jetstar will be the major consideration when making decisions regarding;

  • Equipment assignments,
  • Promotions,
  • Retention or demotion in case of reduction of establishment,
  • Postings, temporary and permanent transfer,
  • Preference of allocation of annual leave.

Flying Credits

  • Extra flying allowances (EFA) are paid where credit hours exceed 75 in a roster period.
  • Flying credits are awarded for ground admin or office days at 3.6 hours per day.
  • Whilst taking annual leave pilotPilots are credited with 3.6 hours flying credits per day.
  • Simulator, Emergency Procedures (EP) and Security Courses are credited at 5.5 hours per day.
  • Block flying hours
  • 50% of time paxing to/from duties.

Staff Travel Benefits

Jetstar provides employees a discretionary benefit of staff travel benefits after a six month qualifying period with the company. Employees, their children and their parents are able to access concessional staff travel in addition, either a travel partner OR the employee’s siblings. Travel is all standby and bookings can be made on Jetstar, Qantas Group and One World partner airlines pursuant to interline travel agreements. Once they have qualified, all pilots have an upgrade ability to Business Class travel.

Roster Period/ Days Off

Pilots are allocated an average of 11 rostered days off per month guaranteed in home base.


Pilots are subject to Australian Taxation Laws. For information on taxation rates please see the website www.ato.gov.au


Jetstar pays 9% superannuation on your gross earnings.

Death & Disability Insurance

Jetstar provides death insurance free of charge to Pilots as part of the Company Funded Superannuation Scheme. Currently this figure is $500,000.

Loss of License Insurance

Jetstar provides loss of license insurance free to Pilots or Pilots may choose to obtain their own insurance and the company will reimburse up to 1.5% of your base salary.