We offer different menus depending on your flight. View our menus below (check your itinerary to find out which aircraft you’re flying on):

* On New Zealand regional flights operated by Q300 aircraft, neither snacks nor drinks can be purchased onboard. For Q300 flights longer than 45 minutes, Starter fare passengers can pre-purchase a snack pack (that includes a drink). Pre-purchasing can be done when you book your flight or at Manage booking, before you fly. The Snack pack is a complimentary inclusion for Plus and Max bundle passengers on Q300 flights longer than 45 minutes.

On international Jetstar Airways (JQ) and Jetstar Japan (GK) flights meals must be pre-purchased – they aren’t available for sale on board.

Paying for food and drinks on board

On Jetstar Airways (JQ) international flights we accept only credit card payment. On Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK) international flights we accept both cash and credit card. On Jetstar Pacific (BL) international flights we accept cash only.

Please note: All international Jetstar Airways (JQ) flights only accepts credit card payments.

On domestic flights in Australia, New Zealand and Japan we accept both cash and credit card. On domestic flights in Vietnam we accept cash only. Refer to Jetstar Café menus for specific currency information.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express Credit Cards on all flights where credit card payment is available. Photographic identification is required for all credit card transactions.

Food and drinks offered on board are subject to availability. Current prices and products can be found in the Jetstar Café menu on board. The product range may differ between flights depending on flight length and time of departure.

Only alcoholic drinks provided by cabin crew can be consumed on board.

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