Jetstar’s new A321neo LR aircraft will improve range and comfort

With 18 new Airbus A321neo LR aircraft on the way, we’re looking forward to giving you an even better flying experience. Here’s what you can expect.

Jetstar's new Airbus A321neo LR aircraft
  • Jetstar
  • November 2019

For airlines, receiving a brand-new aircraft type feels like Christmas. We’re excited about the 18 new Airbus A321neo LR aircraft that we will be taking delivery of starting in August 2020.

The longer range, more fuel efficient, quieter Jetstar A321 LR will seat 232 passengers in a single class cabin that lifts the bar on comfort for low fares travellers in Australia.

LED lighting changes colour to help passengers transition through the flight.

Key cabin features include:
  • Award-winning ergonomic Recaro seats with tapered arm rests for greater living space.
  • Extra-large overhead bins with 40 per cent more space, providing passengers with more room to stow bags overhead.
  • Wireless in-flight entertainment, giving passengers the ability to access entertainment on their personal devices.
  • Flip-down smartphone and tablet cradles and in-seat USB power to keep personal devices charged.
  • Colour LED lighting that adjusts to the different stages of flight, which provides greater levels of passenger comfort and supports transition through various stages of flight.
Seat design allows for greater living space and better comfort.

Jetstar is the first low fares airline in Australia to offer wireless in-flight entertainment.

So, what is the Airbus A321neo LR? The simplest explanation is that it’s the next generation of the A321 twin engine jet that’s already popular around the world. The ‘neo’ designation stands for ‘new engine option’ – referring to the quieter, more fuel-efficient CFM LEAP engines developed for the aircraft, which reduce fuel burn by at least 15 per cent and aircraft noise by 50 per cent.

The new cabin design of the Jetstar Airbus A321neo LR plane.
Extra-large overhead bins provide 40 per cent more storage space.
Wireless in-flight entertainment can be enjoyed on a passenger's own device.

The neo will also give us an extended flying range, with the ability to fly 1,200kms further.

The Airbus A321neo LR will operate from the East Coast of Australia to places like Bali, which is Jetstar’s most popular international destination. This means we will operate a mix of Airbus A321 and Boeing 787s on key international routes, freeing some of our larger aircraft (Boeing 787s) to explore new route options or fly more to existing destinations such as Vietnam, China, Thailand and Hawaii.


For detailed aircraft specifications, please see our fleet page.