What is happening?

On the 4th of December 2023 Jetstar will be changing the way we process the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) payments to better align with industry BSP standards. Jetstar will be moving away from our current process utilising Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) and Agency Credit Memos (ACMs) to process all BSP payments. Instead, we will utilise the IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) to validate in real time our agent’s eligibility^ to pay with BSP cash and tickets (TKTT) will be assigned per passenger.

Agents who use BSP will notice some changes to Jetstar BSP statements and when Jetstar accepts BSP as a payment option^.

All Jetstar BSP transactions will continue to be available from BSPLink opens in new window to ensure Agents are able to reconcile their transactions.

^BSP Cash will only be available for GoStandard and GoGlobal IATA accreditation


Jetstar currently offers BSP payments in 13 regions, Australia, Cambodia, the Greater China (incl. mainland of China, Macau SAR, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan), Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. IFG has been designed by IATA to provide airlines, agents, and all travel suppliers with the ability to manage and control their payment/settlement processes as well as expand payment diversity throughout all distribution channels and touchpoints on the passenger journey.

What will change from the 4th of December 2023?

Golite agents

From 4 December, travel Agents with IATA accreditation type, GoLite, will not be able to transact with Jetstar using BSP cash. They will no longer see “Agency Credit” on the payment page when booking through Agent Hub. The available payment options will be credit cards, Jetstar Vouchers or other eligible forms of payment offered by Jetstar for your location.

New Bookings

From 4 December 2023 agents who transact using BSP via the Jetstar Agent Hub will need to select payment “BSP Cash” instead of “Agency Credit”.

“Agency Credit” will remain as an accepted payment method for non-IATA agents who already use it.

Agents who transact using the Jetstar API and pay with BSP, need to change from BSP payment code ‘AG’ to “IF”. Jetstar’s API technical specifications documentation has been updated for developers who need to make this change.

BSP payments will only be successful when the bookings is in the same currency as the corresponding BSP the booking is being settled through, e.g. agents in Australia must create bookings in AUD, agents in Singapore must make bookings in SGD.

Since Jetstar changed the way we accept BSP payments on 4 December 2023, we experienced a few issues that impacted the way some agents were able to use BSP Cash to pay for bookings. On 11 January 2024, we implemented changes to resolve a number of these issues.

Issues resolved

  • Payment Error – “Unable to create a booking”
    An issue was identified for bookings where the departure date was within an agent’s hold period (i.e. for travel in the next day). In those cases, the system would not allow the booking to be created. This has now been resolved so BSP cash will be available regardless of the flight’s departure date.
  • Unable to pay for bookings on hold
    Agents were unable to pay for bookings through Jetstar’s Manage My Booking (MMB) system. BSP Cash will now be available on MMB for bookings that are placed on hold or if the initial payment attempt is declined. However, if there is an approved payment in the booking already, BSP Cash will not be available for secondary payment methods. Please use a credit card or other approved payment methods as seen on the Jetstar payment page.
  • Incorrect payment method showing
    This issue was causing confusion with some agents seeing both BSP Cash and Agency Credit or Agency Credit instead of BSP Cash, on the Jetstar Agent Hub payments page. Optimisations have been made which will ensure that the correct payment method will be visible.

Post booking ancillary purchases and date or flight changes

During the first phase of the IFG integration, Travel Agents will not be able to pay for any additional ancillary products, flight or date changes using “BSP Cash” or the “IF” form of payment.

These changes will still be possible via Jetstar Manage Booking opens in new window or via our Trade Support team using credit cards, Jetstar Vouchers or other eligible forms of payment.

Jetstar expects to start accepting BSP payments for flight changes and post booking purchases from Quarter 3 of 2024. We will provide more updates in this FAQ.

Name changes

There will be no changes to Jetstar’s current policy regarding name changes. For unintended name corrections, please continue to contact the Trade Support team to receive support or required waivers for incurred fees where applicable.

Voluntary name changes will also have no process change however when paying for the required change “BSP Cash” or “IF” will not be an accepted payment method. These changes will need to be paid for using credit cards, Jetstar Vouchers or other eligible forms of payment.


Refunds during the first phase of the IFG integration will continue to utilise the ACM process with no changes seen for Agents. These transactions will continue to be visible on BSPLink.

Schedule changes & disruptions

In the unfortunate event of a schedule change or disruption of a Jetstar service, Jetstar will offer recovery options for customers to move flights or request a voucher or refund to the original form of payment.

For recovery options outside of policy which requires re-booking to new flights, where a change fee or fare difference applies “BSP Cash” and “IF” payments will not be available. Agents will need to pay using credit cards, Jetstar Vouchers or other eligible forms of payment.

Group bookings

Group bookings will not be able to be paid using “BSP Cash”. Deposits and final payments must be made using credit cards, bank transfers or pre-paid accounts. This will also apply to post booking ancillary purchases, date, flight and name changes. Please contact the Jetstar Groups team for further information.

Gross Fare remuneration

Travel Agents who choose to sell Jetstar’s Gross Fares and currently receive the remuneration via BSP will receive remuneration by ACM monthly.

Remuneration is paid by monthly in arrears, usually in the 3rd week of the month.


Statements will continue to be available on BSPLink opens in new window however there will be changes.

From 4 December 2023, Jetstar will stop using ADMs to bill fares, taxes and ancillary products. Instead, Jetstar will raise a TKTT for each passenger in a booking (multiple TKTT per passenger when there are more than 4 sectors in the PNR). Fare and tax components of the booking will be reported under the TKTT numbers. If ancillary products are purchased or fees are collected, they will appear on statements using EMDA or EMDS.

  • Fare & Taxes = TKTT
  • Ancillary products & Fees = EMDA
  • Unallocated balance = EMDS

When you have a booking with multiple passengers who have purchased ancillary products, your statements will have:

  • a TKTT line per passenger for the fare and taxes
  • an EMDA/S line per passenger for each ancillary product

Fees and charges glossary

Jetstar is currently working to extract a table of EMDA fees, there will be more updates on this FAQ in the coming weeks.

Excel and CSV format


IATA statement

Highlighted in red are the transactions relates to PNR MME8WD booking by TKTT & EMDA document number in Jetstar statement above.


API changes

Agents who transact BSP payments via an API will need to ensure that their payment method is updated from “AG” to “IF”. Jetstar’s API technical specifications documentation has been updated for developers who need to make this change.

Continued development

In subsequent improvements, Jetstar will be optimising the experience around BSP payments for Refunds, Exchanges, Agent Remuneration and more.