Up to 40kg,
purchase only what you need

Jetstar Starter fares include a 7kg carry-on baggage allowance. If you think you’ll need more, you can add 7kg to your carry-on baggage allowance or add as much checked baggage allowance as you need, up to 40kg.
Add checked baggage allowance to an existing booking.

Man’s hands secure tag on suitcase. Find out best ways to add checked baggage to your Jetstar booking.

Adding baggage: How and when do I add checked baggage?

You can add checked baggage when you book, after you book or at the airport. It’s cheapest to buy it when you book. If you change your mind, you can still add baggage in Manage booking for a slightly higher price. Adding it at the airport is the most expensive option.

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Prices: How much does checked baggage cost?

Checked baggage prices vary by route. Prices are cheapest when you purchase a checked baggage allowance online, and most expensive at the airport. We recommend you add checked baggage to your booking before arriving at the airport. Add checked baggage to an existing booking.

Orange suitcase stands out from other bags on airport luggage carousel. All about Jetstar’s checked baggage limits.

Limits: How much? How heavy? How big?

Each passenger can purchase up to 40kg of checked baggage. No individual item can weigh more than 32kg. Any baggage item longer than one metre in any direction is considered an oversized item, for which a handling fee applies on top of the weight allowance purchased (see below). View full baggage limits.

Oversized baggage: How big can checked baggage be?

Traveling with large items? Handling fees apply to items longer than one metre in any direction. This handling fee applies on top of your purchased baggage weight. Exclusions apply.
Learn about oversized baggage.

Bundles & checked baggage

Some of our bundles include checked baggage. Our Starter Plus bundles include 20kg checked baggage allowance (10kgs on domestic flights in Japan), while our Starter Max bundles and Business Class fares include a checked baggage allowance of 30kg. Full details

Checked baggage restrictions

Read our policies on prohibited items; dangerous goods; seafood, meat and frozen products; and liquids, aerosols, gels and powders. We recommend you don't pack fragile items, valuables and medication in your checked baggage.

Free check-in items: Strollers & wheelchairs

Travelling with infants, children or with a wheelchair? Some items can be checked in for free and don’t count towards your weight allowance. (Size and weight restrictions apply.) Full details on checking in strollers and wheelchairs.