This is not your usual family travel guide to Bangkok

This list steers away from the generic theme parks and playgrounds. Instead, it’s packed with fun experiences for your family to experience local food and culture.

Amphawa Floating Market
  • Cheong Kamei
  • November 2019

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If you were to Google “family-friendly things to do in Bangkok”, the usual attractions pop up — Safari World, Dinosaur Planet and Siam Park. While these places are fun for the kids, they don’t exactly expose them to new experiences or cultures.

The activities on this list will.

1. Discover hidden sides of Bangkok

Bangkok skyline
Scratch beneath the surface, and you’ll be amazed by how much Bangkok has to offer.

The chaotic streets of Bangkok may not inspire confidence to get around on two wheels, but the Colors of Bangkok cycling tour by Thailand Biking offers an eye-opening excursion to parts of the city with almost no traffic (yes, they exist!). Highlights include visiting a community kindergarten for lower-income families, and learning about Buddhism in an old temple off tourists’ radar.

Bangkok tuk tuks
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2. Be farmers for a day (or hour)

The problem with amusement or theme parks is that sometimes, they’re so nondescript they could be anywhere in the world. Baan 1000 Mai Café and Farm is a one-of-a-kind rustic oasis that gives the little ones insights into agriculture — an industry that almost 40 percent of Thais work in.

Mai Cafe Farm
Learn how to plant rice and gain an appreciation of the amount of work it takes to cultivate this staple.

After all that hard work, play with the farm animals including adorable ducklings, hang out at the tree house, take a pottery class or kick back at the ’gram-worthy café.

3. Go to a unicorn-themed café

Unicorn Cafe
You can rent or buy a unicorn onesie for the full experience.

From the cool to the quirky, no trip to Bangkok is complete without exploring its exciting café scene. At the very far end of crazy themed cafes in the city is Unicorn Café. Think an explosion of pastels, a ceiling filled with stuffed unicorn toys and a menu of rainbow-everything.

Rainbow spaghetti
Rainbow spaghetti, anyone?

4. Be a detective

Grand Palace
While most travellers head to Rattanakosin to only visit the Grand Palace, there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the neighbourhood.

GoSnoop organises outdoor detective games suitable for kids over 12 in historically-rich neighbourhood Rattanakosin. As you gather clues to solve the mystery of a missing Thai family, you’ll find yourself walking through local markets and less-touristy spots.

5. Make a kite in Bangkok’s artsy town

Hua Takhe, Bangkok
Hua Takhe is a charming neighbourhood with vintage shops and quaint cafes.

Hua Takhe is an old neighbourhood that’s been given a new lease of life thanks to local artists. On this private tour by sustainable boutique tour company Hivesters, you’ll get to stroll through an old market and learn how to make a kite from a local who’s been making them for over 30 years. After that, you’ll get to fly the kite you just made! It’s a leisurely and memorable way to explore a lesser-known part of Bangkok, and a great way for your kids to immerse in local culture.

6. Witness the beauty of Thailand’s national aquatic animal

Fighting fish
Breeding and watching these beautiful fish fight have been a tradition in Thailand as far back as the 1800s.

Located in Bang Kachao, a lush green paradise that’s just 10 minutes from downtown Bangkok, the Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery gets you up close and personal with the country’s national aquatic animal. Entry to this museum is free and after you’re done, you can make a day of exploring what Time magazine once named the “best urban oasis” in Asia.

7. Take a cooking class

Courageous Kitchen
Learn how to make a three- to four-course Thai meal as a family.

Courageous Kitchen is a non-profit organisation that holds cooking classes to raise funds for marginalised youth in Bangkok —100 percent of what you pay goes to meaningful initiatives like maintaining a pre-school for three- to six-year-olds and distribution of food and hygiene products to at-risk youth.

8. Explore Bangkok’s canals

Bangkok canal
Escape the city’s hustle and bustle with a leisurely boat ride.

Bangkok is a city that’s built around a network of khlongs (canals) and for hundreds of years, locals have used them for transportation and trade. This scenic private tour by Your Thai Guide is an easy 50-minute ride where you’ll witness how these waterways still sustain living communities.

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