Meet the artists behind Singapore's most Instagrammed street mural

Art collective Ripple Root talk about the favourite murals they’ve done around the island, including the walls of one of the most Instagrammed alleys in Singapore.

Ripple Root mural in the CBD
  • Cheong Kamei
  • January 2020

Street art in Singapore has come a long way from its underground roots in the mid-’90s. While the laws around graffiti are still strict today, there are certain walls and areas where street artists are allowed to express themselves.

Leading the pack are Estella Ng and Liquan Liew of Ripple Root, who are behind some of the most Instagrammed murals in the city. They share their all-time favourite works.

Market Street

Ripple Root mural near Raffles Place MRT
The mural is located in the heart of the CBD, right by Raffles Place MRT.

“This work was inspired by the upcoming building CapitaSpring, one of the tallest and greenest buildings in the CBD when it launches in 2021. Being able to inject colour and life into the business district was exciting for us. This is one of our largest works — it’s over 10m high and 20m wide!”

Alley at Keong Saik Road

Ripple Root mural at Keong Saik Road
The alley is between 1 and 3 Keong Saik Road, near Don Ho Social Kitchen & Bar.

“This was one of the first large-scale murals in Singapore and remains one of the most Instagrammed alleys in town! We were inspired by the heritage of the place. We depicted actual motifs of Peranakan tiles found in the vicinity.

It was a challenging project. For one, it was our first time painting on a scissor lift three-storeys high! It was also during the rainy season, so we had to constantly wait for the rain to stop before we could work.”

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Straits Clan

Ripple Root mural at Straits Clan
While Straits Clan is a private members club, the mural is found at Clan Cafe, which is open to the public.

“It’s a sprawling botanical wall with animals and wildlife woven into the backdrop like a tapestry.

This was also a challenging project as we had to paint while the site was still under construction. It was hard to envision the end product amidst the rawness of the space.”

Address: 31 Bukit Pasoh Road

Republic of Singapore Navy Museum

Ripple Root mural at Changi Naval Base
The museum is located within Changi Naval Base.

“This was our first project for the government — the Navy, no less! Our aim was to celebrate its history and accomplishments in a fresh, contemporary way.

The two massive walls had to look in sync with each other, so we had to constantly drive the scissor lift back and forth to ensure this. We included many historical elements in the murals, and we had to make sure we did them justice as well.

Challenges aside, the site faces the sea, so as we were painting high up on the scissor lift, we would look out to the open water. What an unforgettable experience.”

Address: 112 Tanah Merah Coast Road

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