This restaurant in Singapore sits only four pax, and serves a pizza omakase with huge flavours

The Guinness World Record holder for the smallest restaurant fits two guests. Small’s by celebrity chef Bjorn Shen sits four, and is only open three days a week. This is why you need to score a seat.

Small's restaurant, Singapore
  • Cheong Kamei
  • February 2020

“I’ve nicknamed it ‘the room of bad ideas’”, chef Bjorn Shen says of his new baby, Small’s opens in new window. Here, it’s no holds barred. He can afford to take risks, realise his craziest culinary concepts, and in true omakase fashion, showcase small-batch ingredients and processes … luxuries he admits he can’t afford in his 100-seat flagship restaurant Artichoke. Here’s a closer look at some of the “bad ideas” you can expect.

1. Small’s first omakase will be 10 to 12 shared courses inspired by Bjorn’s childhood memories of eating at Shakey’s and Pizza Hut.

Small’s inaugural concept is a pizza omakase that takes retro dishes like stuffed crust and garlic bread, and makes them as Bjorn puts it, “fancy-pants”.

For example, his pizza dough is the result of rigorous experimentation. To achieve the Neopolitan-style crust he’s after, it requires 100 percent 00 flour, 75 percent hydration, three-hour bulk proof, four days of cold fermentation and a two-hour bench proof before baking.

What does all that food geek talk translate to? An airy pizza crust with dough that puffs up around the sides. Oh, and the long fermentation process also means the dough is given ample time to develop flavour.

You can expect more crazy concepts including … a chicken nugget and champagne bar.

“Small’s is spontaneous and experimental. I might be doing pizza for the next six months but I have so many other ideas lined up after. I know for a fact that my life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t attempt a chicken nugget and champagne bar or a cold noodle slurp shop,” the chef says. While it’s yet to be revealed what the next concept will be, you can bet it will be steered by his signature rebellious and outlandish style.

Here’s how to score a seat

Available reservation dates of the upcoming month will be released on the 24th of every month at 12pm here opens in new window.

Each reservation must be a full booking for four people, and you’ll be required to pay in full online in advance. Just take note that apart from requests for a pork-free menu, they are unable to accommodate other food allergies, restrictions and preferences.

Address: 161 Middle Road Singapore 188978