Change a booking

When you’ve booked a Jetstar flight you can change the date and time of your departure up to the time that airport check-in opens. You can also change the passenger or contact names, or add infants to the booking. Additional fees and changes may apply.

Also add baggage, in-flight meals, entertainment and more extras that suit you.

How to change your booking

Bookings made through this site can be changed at manage booking or, for additional fees, by calling customer service

Change bookings originally made over the phone at manage booking or by calling customer service

To change passenger or contact names, or add infants to the booking, call customer service

Make sure you have the booking reference number from your itinerary handy. Change bookings made with a travel agent directly with that agent.

Fees and charges for changing your booking. 

When to change your booking

 Change your booking anytime before the airport check-in opens for your original flight. Find check-in opening times on your Jetstar itinerary or at: Checking in