Fly from Melbourne to Phuket

Head for the turquoise waters of Phuket. Jetstar flies direct from Melbourne.

Flight facts

Average direct flight time 8 hours and 50 minutes
Average distance by plane 7000km
Departure airport Melbourne Airport (MEL)
Arrival airport Phuket International Airport (HKT)
Aircraft Boeing 787-8

Need to know

Flight time from Melbourne to Phuket
The average flight time for direct flights from Melbourne to Phuket is 8 hours and 50 minutes.

Distance from Melbourne to Phuket by plane
The average distance by plane from Melbourne to Phuket is 7000 kilometres.

Time difference between Melbourne and Phuket
From March to September, Melbourne (AEST: UTC +10) is 3 hours ahead of Phuket (ICT: UTC +7). During Daylight Savings (October – April) it's 4 hours ahead.

Number of airports in Phuket
There’s one airport: Phuket International Airport opens in new window (HKT).

Distance from Phuket airport to the city centre
The airport is 32 kilometres from Phuket city centre.

Transport from Phuket airport to the city centre
Transport options include taxis, limousines, rideshare, airport minibus and public bus.

Big Buddha, Phuket.

Phuket travel tips

What are the best things to do in Phuket?
Besides the beaches, island hopping, relaxation retreats, architecture tours and deep sea diving are just some of the top things to do in Phuket.

Any tips for a family trip to Phuket?
Phuket is super family-friendly – zorbing, ziplining, surfing artificial waves and meeting local elephants are just some great things to do with the kids in Phuket.

Where do the locals go to eat, drink and shop?
Insider info is invaluable when you’re travelling and these local recommendations will put you right in the heart of real Phuket.

What should I do if I’ve only got one day in Phuket?
Pack in as much as you can! This one-day itinerary will take you from paddle-boarding at sunrise to a seafood buffet at sunset.

Where can I find the best tom yum in Phuket?
There’s no shortage of this signature soup in Phuket, but if you’re after places so good even the locals go, these are our top picks for the best tom yum.

Promthep Cape lookout, Phuket.

How much is a...

Cappuccino THB ฿70–90 (AUD $3.40–4.30)
Thai cooking class THB ฿1600–3200 (AUD $80–160)
Degustation at a high-end restaurant THB ฿1800–2600 (AUD $85–125)
Room at a four-star hotel THB ฿1000–2500 (AUD $50–120)
Taxi from the airport THB ฿570 (AUD $27)

How do you say…

Hello Sawat di khrap (male speaker)
Sawat di kha (female speaker)
Goodbye Sawat di khrap (m)
Sawat di kha (f)
How much? Thao rai?
Thank you Khop khun khrap (m)
Khob khun kha (f)
Excuse me Kho thot

Things to do in Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s premier leisure playground. Distinguished by lush, jungle-clad mountains, gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters, the island’s geographical wonders are backdrops to a highly evolved pleasure zone.

Find the best things to do and places to see in Phuket

Weather and when to go

Thailand’s weather is often described as hot (November–February), hotter (March–April) and wet (May–October), with slight regional variations. Phuket is a year-round destination, although March–April is extremely hot with temperatures shooting up to 40°C, and the months of September and October are often subject to heavy rainfall.