FareCredit lets you cancel your booking and get a credit voucher for the value of your fare plus any in-flight extras (excluding the cost of FareCredit).*

Add FareCredit to your next holiday and relax. Only available on Jetstar.com.

FareCredit is available on selected domestic flights in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Trans-Tasman flights between Australia and New Zealand. It is also available on selected international flights.

How FareCredit works

  1. FareCredit will only be available to you on the payment page when you make your initial booking. It can’t be added as an option once that booking has been completed.
  2. You can choose to apply it to one flight, or all flights in your booking.
  3. Once added, FareCredit will apply to all passengers on the selected flight and you’ll see confirmation it has been applied.
  4. If you need to cancel your flight, use the Manage booking page. You can cancel up until airport check-in opens for that flight, even if you’ve checked in online already.
  5. Once cancelled, you’ll be emailed your credit voucher within 24 hours.
  6. Credit vouchers will be valid for three years and can be used toward the value of any flights and in-flight extras^. Use your voucher at Jetstar.com or by contacting the Jetstar Contact Centre.
For full FareCredit and credit voucher terms and conditions please see FareCredit product page. In some circumstances you may be entitled to a refund or alternative flight under local law or Conditions of Carriage. FareCredit is currently only available on New Zealand domestic flights.

*FareCredit Terms and Conditions

(a) FareCredit does not override your entitlements under Jetstar’s Conditions of Carriage or any applicable law, such as the Australian Consumer Law or the Consumer Guarantees Act (NZ).
(b) To cancel a flight covered by FareCredit, you must log in to Manage booking before airport check-in opens for that flight. While flight check-in at the airport usually opens three hours before a scheduled departure, it is the passenger’s responsibility to ascertain the precise opening time of airport check-in for all relevant flights.
(c) When you cancel a flight, you’ll receive a credit voucher for the value of the flight and any in-flight extras (excluding the cost of FareCredit) emailed to you within 24 hours. For cancellations with multiple passengers, a single voucher will be issued in the name of the booking contact and emailed to the booking contact.
(d) If a Contact Centre Booking Fee has been charged, this will not be refunded in the credit voucher.
(e) Voucher inclusions: the value of your flights and all in-flight extras (except the cost of FareCredit itself), including bundles, baggage, seats, meals, entertainment and comfort packs.
(f) Voucher exclusions: the cost of FareCredit, car hire, accommodation, travel insurance, airport parking, airport transfers, Club Jetstar membership, booking and service fees, carbon offset, StarHeritage, StarKids or StarTrees donations. See the Voucher Terms & Conditions for more information.
(g) All forms of payment will be credited to the voucher, including payment made with Points Plus Pay (e.g. Qantas Points). The voucher will be made to the dollar value of the fare and applicable in-flight extras at the time of booking and provided in the currency used to purchase FareCredit. See the Voucher Terms & Conditions for more information.
(h) If you upgrade your fare to a Flex or Max bundle, the FareCredit on your original booking will be transferred. If you cancel this flight, you will receive a credit voucher for the value of your upgraded fare, but not including the value of your FareCredit.
(i) FareCredit can only be used once and, once used, does not carry over to any flights paid with the voucher issued as a result of using the FareCredit product. However, if you change a flight covered by FareCredit to a different date and it is changed without using FareCredit, FareCredit will carry over to the new flight.
(j) If cancellations are required for only some passengers in a booking, the Jetstar Contact Centre must be contacted.
(k) FareCredit is only available to purchase for bookings where a Flex or Max bundle has not already been selected.
(l) FareCredit is only offered for selected flights.
(m) FareCredit is not a travel insurance policy, nor does it replace your possible need for travel insurance. You should read and consider the FareCredit terms and conditions before booking and note the limitations and exclusions, in light of your personal circumstances, prior to making any decision to acquire the product.
(n) FareCredit is not available when part of the trip involves a zero dollar journey (e.g. Return for Free or Kids Fly Free).
(o) These FareCredit Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the FareCredit Voucher Terms and Conditions.

^FareCredit voucher Terms and Conditions

See the FareCredit Voucher Terms and Conditions for full details.