Your health and safety is our highest priority. As travel restrictions start to ease, we’ve introduced the Fly Well program; a series of new and existing wellbeing improvements designed to improve safety and help you feel comfortable about flying again.


Social distancing, practiced throughout the airport including sequenced boarding to minimise crowding
Temperature checking pre-boarding

Onboard the plane

Masks to be worn on board by all passengers.

A sanitizing wipe is available upon request.

Regular enhanced cleaning of aircraft during flight, transit and at the end of each day, using a disinfectant effective against COVID-19, with a focus on high contact areas – seats, seatbelts, overhead lockers, air vents and toilets.

Limited on-board services to minimise contact between crew and passengers.

Our people are trained and are required to follow strict personal hygiene protocols, for the benefit of themselves and others.

Sequenced disembarkation to minimise crowding. Customers asked to limit movement around the cabin, once seated.

Rows blocked to create “isolation zones” on board. 

Once onboard the plane, the risk of inflight transmission is extremely low. All airline employees are required to follow strict personal hygiene protocols, for the benefit of themselves and others.

Quality air filtration: The air conditioning systems of all Jetstar aircraft are already fitted with hospital-grade HEPA filters, which remove 99.9% of all particles including viruses. The air inside the cabin is also refreshed every few minutes, ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air.

Configuration of the aircraft: The seats and galley act as a natural barrier and people are not seated face-to-face.

What to do if you’re feeling unwell

In line with public health advice, anyone with cold and flu like symptoms will be denied boarding and should stay at home.

If you’re feeling unwell and experiencing COVID-19 symptoms in the week leading up to your flight, you should defer your travel plans. If you need to defer your plan, contact us via Live Chat to discuss your options.

All our agents are currently busy or unavailable. Our English contact centre is open 7 days a week from 6am – 10pm (AEST).Please try again.

If your flights were booked through a travel agency or third-party website, contact these companies directly to discuss your options.


For more information, visit the Philippines Department of Health for their list of frequently asked questions.

What you can do to stay healthy

Wear a mask on board

Wash your hands regularly

Use hand sanitiser

Cover your sneeze or cough with your arm

Travel Alerts

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Frequently Asked Questions

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