Updated 19 July, 2022

Welcome back to international travel! Flying will be a little different and there’s information you need to know before you’re ready to fly.

Government requirements

Exit and entry requirements vary between destinations and can change at short notice. Requirements may include vaccination, visas, COVID-19 testing, quarantine, mandatory health insurance and more.

Make sure you check government requirements for both leaving and entering the Philippines before booking and departure. If you have connecting flights, government transit requirements may apply. If requirements differ between destinations or another airline on your itinerary, the strictest rules will apply.

Medical clearances

If you have a medical vaccination exemption or COVID-19 past positive medical clearance, please check it is accepted by your destination (including connecting or transit flight destinations). Some countries do not accept medical exemptions or past positive clearances. Learn more

Check travel requirements for your destination

Get a guide on the documents required for travel with our search tool. If you have connecting flights, remember to check these destinations too as transit requirements may apply.

Check requirements

We recommend using the search tool to get an overview of what’s required for your travel. For specific requirements and the latest updates, always check government websites.

Checking in for international flights

Online check-in is currently unavailable for international flights, you'll need to check in at the airport counter. You must bring all relevant travel documents with you, such as COVID-19 test results, proof of vaccination and entry permits. Make sure you have met all other mandatory exit and entry requirements before you get to the airport, such as downloading contact tracing apps, purchasing travel insurance and submitting health declarations. Please allow extra time for airport check-in.

Fly Well

Our Fly Well program is a series of wellbeing measures designed to improve safety and help you feel comfortable about flying. Don’t forget your mask! Learn more

Thank you for respecting each other and our team, and helping us create a safe and positive environment for everyone.

*While we offer guidance on our website, travel requirements are set out by the government and can change quite quickly. It is your responsibility to research and understand what is required of you to travel to your destination. We may not be able to assist you if you fail to provide the required documentation.