If you're travelling with extra weight in your carry-on baggage, you can buy additional carry-on baggage weight allowance (excluding flights to, from or within Vietnam).

Your total weight allowance for both a main item and a small item of carry-on baggage is 7kg for Starter, Starter Plus and Starter Max fares. It doesn't take much to exceed your limit – an overnight bag, camera, laptop, a couple of books or a holiday shopping spree can tip you over.

Even if you think you're going to be 1kg over, we recommend you pre-purchase a +3kg top-up.

Why should I top up my carry-on baggage online?

Not only is it more expensive to purchase additional carry-on weight allowance at the airport, availability is limited per flight. If +3kg carry-on baggage top-ups have sold out for your flight and your carry-on baggage exceeds your limit, you’ll have to check in your carry-on baggage and it will be stored in the hold. So pre-purchase a top-up before you get to the airport and enjoy the peace of mind.

Does Jetstar check carry-on baggage?

Yes, we monitor and limit carry-on baggage for passenger safety and to help ensure departures are as timely as possible. Don’t be surprised if a Jetstar team member checks the weight, size and total items of your carry-on baggage at the check-in counter or at the gate.

Can I purchase the top-up at the airport?

You can purchase a top-up at the airport service desk if it hasn't sold out for your flight, although it will cost more. You will have to pay an excess carry-on baggage fee if top-ups are no longer available.

Exceeding your carry-on baggage at the boarding gate is the most expensive option as it is most disruptive to our operations. If top-ups for your flight have already sold out, you're required to pay an excess carry-on baggage fee and have your carry-on baggage stowed in the hold as checked baggage. See all of our airport fees and charges for excess baggage.

What other baggage options do I have?

Enjoy a higher carry-on baggage weight allowance when you purchase a Flex bundle (10kg) or a Business Class fare (14kg). Full details on fares and bundles

Or you can purchase checked baggage allowance, from 15kg to 40kg. Full details on checked baggage

If you have an existing booking and want to check what baggage purchases you’ve made, simply visit Manage Booking or refer to your itinerary.