The most instagrammable places in Jakarta

Uncover Jakarta’s best Instagram spots and give your feed a stylish boost.

Replica castle at Jakarta’s Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Image credit:
  • Jetstar
  • October 2023

From Taman Mini Indonesia Indah to Pulau Tidung, Jakarta is home to a treasure trove of Instagrammable locations. Get ready to up your social media game with the most picture-perfect places in the capital.

Experience Amsterdam at La Riviera

Enjoy the whimsical charm of La Riviera PIK 2, a mini-Amsterdam on a budget. This picturesque spot flaunts an Instagram-worthy bridge that transports you straight to the canals of Amsterdam, complete with classic brown buildings lining the water’s edge. Delight in the carnival-themed booths and clown machines, target shooting and scooter rental, and feast at shophouses serving delectable foods. For family fun and snapping pictures for social media, La Riviera PIK 2 is your passport to affordable Amsterdam-inspired adventures in Jakarta.

Brown buildings and outdoor dining areas along the river’s edge decorated with festive lights at night, La Riviera PIK 2, Jakarta. Image credit: @monawiskal
Light up your feed at La Riviera PIK 2. Image credit: @monawiskal

See Indonesia in miniature at Taman Mini

Strike your best pose at Taman Mini a sprawling park that brings Indonesia’s culture to life through museums, gardens and replicas of iconic landmarks. Discover the country’s diverse provinces at pavilions showcasing local traditions, clothing, dances and architecture. There are mini train rides and children’s castles for the little ones, museums galore, and even a reptile park with Komodo Dragons. The park is an educational adventure and ideal destination for families.

A temple with intricate carvings against a blue sky at Jakarta’s Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Image credit:
Dive into the heart of Indonesia’s culture and heritage at Taman Mini.

Savour the flavours at Old Shanghai Sedayu City

Explore Old Shanghai Sedayu City, a vibrant Chinatown nestled within Kelapa Gading. This thematic culinary heaven boasts a variety of street food, catering to both halal and non-halal preferences. Prepare your palate for legendary tenants – from the aromatic delights of Shu Guo Yin Xiang Xiao La Guo to the sweet notes of Zangrandi Ice Cream. The myriad Insta-worthy spots will be a delight for your social media feed too.

Neon lights on external walls at Old Shanghai Sedayu City, Jakarta, at night. Image credit: Kathleen JT/
Step back in time and experience the charm of old Shanghai.

Unleash your artsy side at Museum MACAN

Step into the world of contemporary visual art at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN) in the Kebon Jeruk neighbourhood. Explore a curated collection of works by both international and local artists, as well as major touring exhibitions. (Previous exhibitions include the creations of renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.) While you’re free to use your mobile phone, note that SLR and DSLR cameras, and other recording and photography gadgets are not allowed inside. Leave your monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, and photography tools behind – and check the website for the latest exhibitions and ticket bookings.

A person surrounded by an indoor gallery light installation at Museum MACAN, Jakarta. Image credit: Buntoro
Journey through visual wonder at Museum MACAN.

Stay on trend at M Bloc Space

Embrace creativity at M Bloc Space, Jakarta’s oasis for art and culture lovers. Once an abandoned money-printing factory, it has blossomed into the city’s hottest creative hub. Whether you’re hunting for an OOTD spot, cute cafes for snacks, artistic knick-knacks or creative activities, M Bloc Space has it all. With weekly agendas brimming with movie screenings, open mics, workshops and more, there’s always something exciting happening. If you’re lucky, you may even catch an electrifying live show.

A colourful wall mural at M Bloc Space, Jakarta. Image credit: Buntoro
Embrace creativity at M Bloc Space.

Find your slice of paradise at Pulau Tidung

Escape to the serene paradise of Pulau Tidung, one of the Thousand Islands close to Jakarta. This island gem offers a tranquil retreat with its uncrowded beaches, starlit nights and welcoming community. The island measures a mere 200 metres in width and 5 kilometres in length, and has a single road that leads through breathtaking stretches of white sand and crystal-clear waters that wrap the coast. To get here, take a 3-hour journey from Muara Angke, North Jakarta, aboard a wooden boat or ferry, or take a 90-minute speed-boat ride from Ancol Marina Harbour. Homestays are a charming accommodation option.

A long wooden bridge on Pulau Tidung stretching over crystal-clear water, connecting to another small island in the background. Image credit:
Indulge in a getaway from the city on Pulau Tidung.