Specific assistance

Jetstar endeavours to provide a travel experience that is safe, comfortable and affordable for all our customers, including those with specific needs.

On request we can provide specific assistance to customers requiring wheelchair assistance and torso restraints, customers who are blind or have a vision impairment, customers who are Deaf or have a hearing impairment, customers travelling with service dogs, customers of size and customers who require travel oxygen.  

You must let us know that you require specific assistance when you book so that we can make arrangements for you – including arranging staff and any required equipment ready for your arrival. If you do not give us prior notification of your specific assistance needs, we will try to accommodate your needs within our operational constraints. However, if you have not advised us of your assistance needs in advance, we may not be able to accommodate your travel preferences.

Jetstar does not have systems with the ability to retain information about your specific needs, so you will need to let us know your specific needs each time you fly with us.

Please note that the following information applies only to flights operated by Jetstar Airways (JQ) of Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar Asia Airways (3K) of Singapore and Jetstar Japan (GK) of Japan.

If you require specific assistance on flights operated by Jetstar Pacific (BL) of Vietnam, different arrangements apply. Please contact that airline for further information.

Check-in and boarding

We recommend that you check-in at least 90 minutes before departure for flights leaving from a Domestic Terminal and at least 2 hours for flights leaving from an International Terminal to make certain we can provide any required assistance without delay.

For domestic departure, we recommend you arrive 90 minutes prior to departure and be at the departure gate 40 minutes before departure. For international departure, we recommend you arrive 120 minutes prior to departure and be at the departure gate 40 minutes before departure.

You are able to check-in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for flights leaving from a Domestic Terminal and 3 hours before the scheduled departure time for flights leaving from an International Terminal. You should be aware that for all flights, the final hour before the departure of a flight is the busiest period for our staff, and if you arrive during this period you may face delays before assistance can be provided (including assistance to the departure gate etc).

We recommend that you consider your own specific needs and the assistance you have requested, to ensure you have enough time to make your flight.

Disability Access Facilitation Plan

Jetstar has developed a Disability Access Facilitation Plan for customers requiring specific assistance at Australian airports or on Australian domestic flights.

Jetstar’s Disability Access Facilitation Plan

Independent travellers and accompanying customers

To travel with Jetstar, it’s important that you can travel independently. We require that:

  • the customer is able to self-toilet, if required, during the course of the flight; and
  • the customer can eat or drink during the course of the flight without assistance; and
  • the customer can administer medication themselves during the course of the flight, if required; and
  • the customer is able to communicate in some way that they have understood the safety instructions and emergency instructions of our crew; and
    • if transfers between mobility aids or from a mobility aid to an aircraft seat are required, either:
      • the passenger is able to transfer themself without assistance; or
      • the passenger is able to be transferred using a slide board and slide cloth by our staff without the assistance of an accompanying assistant/carer.

If the customer does not meet all of these requirements, the customer will need to travel with an Accompanying Customer/carer. If you need help with any of these tasks, you must travel with an Accompanying Customer.

An Accompanying Customer is an independent, paying traveller who, in Jetstar’s opinion, is able to and will provide the assistance, supervision or both for their companion. They are required to assist their companion with:

  • Using the toilet on the aircraft and on the ground
  • Dealing with in-flight and ground emergencies
  • Transporting carry-on baggage and equipment
  • Medicating and medical procedures
  • Eating and drinking
  • Administrative procedures such as the completion of immigration documentation
  • Boarding and disembarking including assisting with transfers to and from mobility devices and seating where necessary
  • Assembling and disassembling wheelchairs

Jetstar considers that the Accompanying Customers for children must be at least 15 years old. One Accompanying Customer can assist a maximum of four customers that do not meet Jetstar’s independent traveller requirements.

Customers with an intellectual disability may be required to travel with an Accompanying Customer. 

Customers of size

If you’re unable to lower both armrests, and/or compromise any part of adjacent seating, you must book the full number of seats you’ll need or, where available, purchase a Business Class seat.

Medical clearance

For some medical conditions or incapacities, we require that you obtain medical clearance to fly when you book. To understand if you’ll need clearance see:

Please note: Customers who require medical clearance will not be permitted to travel on Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights.

All medical clearance applications are managed by Qantas Network Operations.

Travelling to the US

From 13 May 2009, the US DOT’s Final Ruling on Non-discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel (14 CFR Part 382) became effective. Jetstar is required to comply with most of the requirements of the Final Ruling. Please click here to view the full document, incorporating amendments that have been made to the Ruling up to January 2014. Jetstar currently flies to Honolulu in the US. For flights to and from Honolulu, there is no limit for passengers requiring wheelchair assistance.

You can obtain a copy of the US DOT’s rule on Non-discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel in an accessible format from the Department of Transportation by any of the following means:

(1) For calls made from within the United States, by telephone via the Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities at 1-800-778-4838 (voice) or 1-800-455-9880 (TTY),

(2) By telephone to the Aviation Consumer Protection Division at 202-366-2220 (voice) or 202-366-0511 (TTY),

(3) By mail to the Air Consumer Protection Division, C-75, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE., West Building, Room W96-432, Washington, DC 20590, and

(4) On the Aviation Consumer Protection Division’s Web site (http://airconsumer.ost.dot.gov)

** Some Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights are subject to government and regulatory approval. For more information, please click here.