7 ways to have the best family holiday

Happy kids and happy parents make for the happiest of holidays. Here are the expert hacks you need to try, to ensure everyone has a great time.

Follow these tips to make your next family holiday unforgettable.
  • Rachel Gray
  • July 2019

Dr Justin Coulson, author of 10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know, shares the tricks to ensure your family holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

Limit tech time

Be smart about how and when you use devices such as phones and tablets. Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook feeds only takes away from time you could be spending with your family. That’s not to say there aren’t positive ways to use your devices and times when they can be great tools for travel, such as for finding nearby activities or places to eat. Identify those times when your tech will contribute to your family’s wellbeing and times when devices will take away from it. So keep that screen tucked away unless you have a good reason for using it.

Vacations are the perfect excuse to avoid screen time.
Vacations are the perfect excuse to avoid screen time.

Plan your day

Only schedule one activity a day, especially when travelling with younger kids. If your holiday plans involve getting out and about in the morning, the afternoon and the evening, you could find yourself feeling exhausted, rather than relaxed, at the end of the day. Try to schedule one main activity and then have the afternoon or morning off – you will feel balanced and ready for fun the next day.

Do something hard

Doing something challenging as a family is a sure-fire way to create great memories. Find the nearest mountain and see how high you can climb or gather your super-sleuths and head to an escape room. You’ll have to work together to solve the puzzles and find your way out – and you’re bound to have a blast!

Savour the moment

You can amplify or extend a positive experience by savouring it. Hold on to that moment when you visit the beach, feeling the sand between your toes or make a trip to the water park count for priceless memories as you watch your kids go bananas and have a ball. If you take the time to savour experiences, you become engaged in the moment.

Embrace the quality time you will have together.
Embrace the quality time you will have together.

Learn something new

Wherever you are, there is always something you can learn. Whether it’s finding out about a different culture or learning a few words and phrases of a new language, be curious, be vulnerable and get creative. Learning together will give you something special to keep with you long after your holiday.

Make a checklist

Before you head to the airport, round up the kids and create a holiday checklist outlining all the fun things you want to do together. Making a checklist as family is a great way to ensure everyone gets to put forward ideas for their perfect trip away.