Letter from young flyer gets the crew talking

When Jetstar cabin crew received a heart-felt letter from a young passenger heading to Townsville, they decided to respond with a special video message.

Cabin crew respond to letter from young passenger.
  • Carly, Jetstar Cabin Manager
  • November 2018

When flight JQ913 landed in Townsville recently, our crew were passed a handwritten letter from eleven-year-old passenger Mitchell.

“Dear Jetstar,” it started. “Thank you for flying us home. The service was great and the plane ride was smooth and elegant.

“When I grow up, I want to be a pilot or a teacher or a police officer. I have a few questions about your career.”

Mitchell's letter to Jetstar cabin crew.
Young Mitchell wrote a thank you letter to Jetstar cabin crew.

Mitchell’s letter went on to ask about when our crew first knew they wanted to fly, and what it was like to work in the sky.

We decided to send Mitchell a special video message to answer all his questions. He was over the moon.

From just the smallest gestures come the most lasting impressions. See you on board again soon, Mitchell.